Saturday, May 10, 2014

Raft & Oar templates now in my stores

Good morning! How are you doing today. I was up late last night for a friends birthday party so we're getting up and going a little late today! I actually had a date for it (I know, I was shocked myself) lol! It was fun. We went to this place that was a piano bar. It had 2 pianos and 2 players. You would request a song and one of them would play with and sing it (they had excellent voices). You would give them some money (whatever you wanted) and if someone else didn't like the song they would come up and give them more than you did to play the song and they would hit the gong and the piano player would stop and start playing your song. It would continue like this. It was great. They started playing this song that we didn't like so we all pooled our money together and they volunteered me to go up. So, I went up and slammed the money down and handed them a sheet of paper someone had handed me on the way up. The lady read it and started laughing. They had written, play anything but that crap. It was a great night! :)

I made a new raft and oar set this week. There are 2 templates to this set. I hope you like my new items and I hope you're having a great weekend.

You can find this in my store with Scrap Seeds here, my store with Digi Style Designs here and my store with Ivy Scraps here.

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