Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My new TOU

I have updated my terms of use and they supersede all other terms of use.
I have posted them here and to the right side of my blog too.

These are the current terms of use and they supersede all other terms of use.
I no longer offer cu4cu!

NOTE: Please know that all these images are copyrighted by © Sugarbutt Artistic Designs
Please take the time to read and understand the following Terms of Use.

By purchasing and using any and all of the images/graphics you are agreeing to these terms as listed below.

These Terms of Use apply to all purchased goods along with all freebies unless stated otherwise.

All images, graphics, and files herein are the products of Sugarbutt Artistic Designs.
They are protected by the United States and International copyright laws.

Please note that if you purchase any of my templates from anyone other than Sugarbutt Artistic Designs you are in voilation of International and United States Copyright Laws.
If you're in question over this please email me or and ask.

The customer accepts any and all responsibility for checking for updated changes to these Terms of Use.

Any and all goods purchased from these products are not to be used for nudity, profanity, or anything illegal.

For commercial use:

Use my CU products for monetary gain, by incorporating them into a digital scrapbooking kit, pages and/or projects as long as they are altered and packaged along with other elements.
However, you may not provide your customers a layered template nor may you provide them with the element(s) in its original format (It must be in any other form other than its original format).
Post your finished layouts within your online groups (Only as your finished product and not in the original format).
My CU items are S4H/S4O friendly.

• Create and/or sell my designs or items created from my designs as commercial use items.  I do not allow or sell CU4CU usage for my products. Please do not ask.
• Use my designs to mass-produce product.
• You may not create as a template, script, action, or other form of a template.
• Sell, give away, distribute, share or otherwise make available to any other party any of these original products either in whole or in part.
• You MAY NOT use any part of my items in such a way that individual elements could be extracted and used by another. This includes placing them in tubes, PSD files, PNG files, or on layers of any other derivative product you may create.
• NEVER give my items out as freebies. (unless you offering them as a combined image with other designs and it is a flattened finished product and be no more than 50% of the finished WHOLE product).
• Share my items with others. Please direct them to my blog or store to get their own.
• Turn any of my items into Templates to sell or give away. You may only sell this as a flattened colored image.
• Turn any of my items into Actions and/or Scripts or likewise to sell or give away.
• Turn any of my items into styles, textures, patterns or likewise to sell or give away.
• Redistribute this product, in part or whole, in any way. This includes CD/DVD, graphic collections, email, groups or website links.
• Share, reproduce, distribute or sell my tutorials.

Please take the time to understand and respect my Terms of Use.
I reserve the right to modify, update and/or change these Terms of Use without any prior notice.

If you have questions, you may contact me at the following:

Sugarbutt Designs: or

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