Friday, May 9, 2014

Poolside set 4 now in stores

Good morning! How's your day going so far? It's not quite 9AM here and we're not even up and going yet but I am hoping it's a warm day so we can go outside and play. My lil man loves being outside and I want to take full advantage of it while we can because he starts kindergarten soon and we won't have the time to play outside like we do now. He's still not looking forward to it and doesn't really believe he has to go. We've tried to tell him he's going to have fun with friends and learn lots of fun things but that doesn't seem to work on him. He's just not having any of it. We're in trouble! lol!

I have made another poolside bundle. This one has a pair of mens/boys swim trunks and a floatie. I hope you like this bundle and I hope you are having a great day!


You can find this template bundle in my store with Scrap Seeds here, my store with Digi Style Designs here and my store with Ivy Scraps here.

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