Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freebie (cu) star paper template (limited time)

I have one more freebie for you today. I will post a blog train in the morning before we leave. I am so excited to go on vacation. :) (just like a little kid huh?) lol!

This paper template can go along with the tutorial if you want to make different colors. I am leaving this up until Monday when we get home and settled in. We come home Sunday but I know I will have to clean up, wash and organize. yuck! lol!

I want to explain the previews. Blue is for tutorials (always your finished item from the tutorial is cu ok). The purple is for pu and the tan is for cu.

I found someone who will be doing the wording. Its going to be Keisha Devita. I'm really excited! And thank you Celeste for helping until I found someone to take over. I am lucky I have such great friends! :)

I hope you like this template and I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. I will be back soon with another tutorial for you when I get home!

(freebie has expired)