Saturday, July 19, 2014

The birthday party!

We had my lil mans birthday a little early. We wanted to have it no a Saturday and next week is the state holiday here so we had it early! He had so much fun. It was a great but tiring day! I wanted to show you some of the pictures!

I hope you had a great Saturday! I will be back tomorrow with some new templates I have going into my stores!


A friend brought over the canopy for us to use. 

We found a website that had printables for these.

He got so many gifts. He was so happy. He is still playing with them and its been over 4 hours. That is so cute!

From his daddy!

He loved it!

Another one from his daddy

I have to admit. His daddy knows just what he wants.

This is the front view of his gift from his daddy.

His birthday cake. 

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