Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New dunk tank template now in my stores

How is your Tuesday going? I hope you are having a great day! We are doing great! We are preparing to go with some friends out of town for a small camping trip. I am excited. We are leaving Thur. and will be back Sun. We have some friends coming in to stay at the house with the dogs so I have to get my area cleaned up for them. lol! I hope we get to go on the boat this weekend. Do you like camping? Do you like going to the mountains? I love it! It is so beautiful and peaceful there! :)

I have a dunk tank template I just finished. Have you ever been in a dunk tank? I was a couple times. It was so refreshing to get in the water. I was happy when I got dunked. lol! I hope you like my new template and I hope you are having a fantastic day!


You can find this template bundle in my store with Scrap Seeds here, my store with Digi Style Designs here and my store with Ivy Scraps here and my store with Kitten Scraps here.

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