Sunday, July 27, 2014

New tutorials (which will be posted in our Questions and Answer group on Facebook)

How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one. We just got home and I am getting things caught up and done. We had a great time at camp but it sure is nice to get home and showered. And I missed my bed. lol! My lil man is so excited right now. He has a new backpack and new clothes for school and is really excited about going. It is both exciting and sad for me. Well, I know its a good thing for both of us! :) I have 2 tutorials on shading and highlighting for you. These will be shared in our group Questions and answer group on Facebook. Come see the tutorials and ask or answer questions in our group here. Its a great group! :)

Here is the previews of the tutorials you can find there.
You can find this tutorial in our group on Facebook here

You can find this tutorial in our group on Facebook here


  1. the links don't seem to be working yet ...keep getting content not found ...maybe soon I hope ...looking forward to them

    1. I am not sure why, it is working when I clicked on it. What is your Facebook user link so i can see what is going on?