Monday, December 28, 2015

New templates now in stores plus a freebie for you.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great day. We had a nice day. My lil man is out of school this week for Christmas break so we have been trying to do fun things. Today however, all he wanted to do was to play a game that Grandma bought him for her iPad. Boy he had a blast. We did put away the Christmas tree and he did stop long enough to help with that but the second we were done he was back on his game again. I finally had to take it away and tell him to give his eyes a break. Now he's counting down the minutes until he can play again. (It will be a lot of minutes because I won't let him play until tomorrow) lol!
So while he has been playing I decided to at least do some templates. I have them in stores now and wanted to show them to you. I hope you like my new templates and I hope you are having a great day!
Hugs Sugarbutt
This is my new happy Xylophone template set. It includes a happy Xylophone and Stick.
You can find this in any of my stores listed below

This is my new happy alarm clock template.
You can find this in any of my stores listed below

This is my new freebie made with my happy alarm clock (above).


You can find these templates in my stores below:
Scrap Seeds
Daisies & Dimples
Digi Style Designs
Berry Applicious

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