Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New autumn & school templates now in stores

Good morning. I hope you are doing great. We are doing great today. We are waiting for a playdate to show up. My lil man is telling me he is getting bored waiting. That is his new favorite thing to tell me. If he does not like what I am fixing to eat he will tell me he is bored of it. lol! I am struggling with Win10. It is so different in somethings. Like the browser will not let me use my Chrome. It is making me use their Edge browser. I followed the steps to change it to Chrome but it won't let me. Maybe its just me. But so far it is not my favorite. I am sure I will like it once I get used to the way it makes you do things. I have new templates in my stores. I hope you like my new templates and I hope you like my new tutorial. Please come join us in our Facebook learning group to grab this tutorial. It is on how to do a quick image fix. Also, we are setting up a new blog. It should be done soon. It will be a blog just for all the tips, tricks and links of tutorial sites for Photoshop. I will post a link as soon as we get the info on it. I am excited to have it up and going. It will be nice to have somewhere to keep all of them so I can easily find them when I am in class or somewhere else with my computer. Hugs Sugarbutt
This is my farmers market set 6

This is my farmers Antique wheelbarrow template

This is my Mr Bear teaches school template

This is my farmers cart set 1

This is my School fun set 2
This is my School items set 1

This is my School items set 2

This is my Happy paints set 1

This is my Farmers market set 7

This is my School fun set 1

This is my Science Items set 2

This is my Science Fun set 1

You can find these templates in my stores below:
Scrap Seeds:
Daisies & Dimples:
Digi Style Designs:

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