Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Travel or Vacation Templates in Store

Good morning (well... it's morning here). I'm heading out to get my lil man new shoes. School starts in a week and he needs them. That and clothes. I've decided that kids grow out of their clothes within months. It seems like I can't keep up with it. He gets clothes one day and it seems like he's outgrown them in a week. LOL!

I am looking at school again and thought about packing. These templates are the result of thinking about it. I know that this year I'll stay here, but next year I will have to move again. Even though it's a year away, it's terrifying to me. At least I get to stay here and make more templates. That I'm happy about. I love making them.

My store is 60% off right now. Come check out this great deal here.

With all the new templates and over 1,200 others, you have a lot to choose from. Or if you're like me, you like to get a lot of  bang for you buck (my moms saying). I have the deal for that. You can do a buy my store with me. You'll get well over $1,000 worth of CU templates for only $100. That is an amazing deal. Come check it out here.

I hope you like my new templates and I hope you're having an amazing day!


This is my new luggage stack template. 
This is perfect for you travel or vacation or even your off to college type kits and pages. 
You can find this template here

This is my newest car template. 
You can put your elements inside so it appears they are part of the car. 
You can find this template here.

This is my new off to college template.
This is almost how my car looked last year when I headed to school.
You can find this template here

And here is my Buy-My-Store. Such a great deal. It's over $1,000 worth of CU templates for only $100. And if you buy my CU4CU license, you can make actions and scripts out of them. You can only make actions and scripts by having my license. And you can sell your finished element, script or action CU. (You can only buy this directly through me. You can email me here if you're interested in buying it) Please make sure you check the email address before you send me an email. I've been told there are a couple emails out there with "someone" pretending to be me (I'm sure you know the situation where someone was trying to steal my business). Anyway, I only have a couple emails that I use. I use, (make sure it is exactly as I have them here and that a letter or number hasn't been changed) Thank you for taking time to make sure you're not sending an email thinking that it's coming to me. I hate thinking of the reply you could get and I refuse to accept any fraud, lies or drama caused by the "person" pretending to be me). Ok... So enough of that... I just want to protect myself and my customers as well.

You can find this great deal here.

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