Monday, August 21, 2017

Biplane Template in Store

We made more salsa today. Well... um... I kinda caused a huge mess. I dropped a huge glass bowl full of diced tomatoes and it shattered. Tomatoes and glass went all over. I spent several hours cleaning up my mess. But, in the end, the salsa was delicious. We have enough to last us a year. We eat a lot of salsa. We have more to make tomorrow and then we'll be done. But so far we have 12 quarts and 12 pints. Tomorrow I think we'll get about 4 quarts and then we'll be done.

I was able to take a bit of shut down time tonight and made another template. I love designing. It's the best way to relax for me. I can shut out the world and just watch something come to life. I hope you like my designs as much as I love making them! I put this new template in my store.

I hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


You can find this template in my store here

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