Monday, April 21, 2014

New name, new look and some freebies too!

I've decided to update my look and blog. I wanted to add the name Artistic to my name. I love Sugarbutt Designs but I thought Artistic gave it a little extra something. I have changed the look of my blog as well as my previews. I still put the same quality into every design I make, but I wanted to update my previews and blog. I hope you like the new look! I have some freebies I will be posting for you. I have also added the subscribed icon to the right. I had people ask me why I stopped having that and the truth is I wasn't sure how to get it on the blog. But I've since learned how to do the blog layout and am having fun doing it. I am excited to show you everything I've done.
First I want to tell you I'm in 3 stores now. I am going into My Memories soon and will for sure have grand opening there too.
I am now in Scrap Seeds and I'm having a grand opening there with everything 40% off.  I have added some new products to my store this past week and want to show you those too as well as give you a freebie. I will have a couple more freebies for you this week as well! I hope you come back often!

I hope you like my new items, blog and look and I hope you like my freebies too and I hope you're having a fantastic day!


This is my new binoculars. They are a great addition for your camping or outdoor kits and pages.

This is my latest birthday bundle. I love balloon animals but I just can't see to make them except in Photoshop. lol! 

This is my wooden harp and bench. I love harps. They sound so beautiful. 

This is the first in my newest series - sandbox toys. I started doing this for a friend who was looking for some sandbox toys. I have more to add to this series so check back often for more. 

Here is my 2nd set for the sandbox toys.

This is my snowglobe. I love snowglobes. Always have, always will I guess. They are so fun to watch, play with and even to use in my pages.

I'm obsessed with clocks. I love all unique and vintage clocks. I love seeing the street clocks like this. I wish they would have them around where I live. I think if I ever get to choose where I move to I will make sure to choose a place that has these still. 

And here's your freebie.

These are my chalkboard frames. I have them in smooth finish and wood finish. The wood finish are both crackled wood or smooth wood. I hope you like these. Be sure to come back soon. I plan on having another freebie too!

(sorry, this has expired)

(sorry, this has expired)


  1. Your new look is awesome. I am so happy that you also joined MyMemories. The blog is awesome, glad you included a subscribe area.

  2. Congratulations, my dear, on your new name and new look blog.

    Wishing you luck in your future endeavours.

    Luv Chris

  3. Sugarbutt(I often wonder where you got that name), I'm so happy for you, a new look is always good especially in the Spring when everything is new. Congrats on making it happen and thanks for the flowers.