Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lantern (extracted) freebie (CU)

How are you doing today? It's Thursday. I know I've said this on my other blog all the time but Thursdays are a wonderful day for me. Even though I love my sweet boy, tonight is the night I get some time alone to do the things I want to do. I'm excited to have it every week. It's about the only real time I have alone and I cherish every minute of it! :) It doesn't start until about 6 but I get from 6 to about 10 alone! :)

I have been without a phone now for 3 days, and it looks like I'll be without one for at least another day. I hope to have it before this weekend because we'll be going out of town this weekend with friends and I would like to have it when we do.

My lil man is watching a show called Fairy Odd Parents. It is one of his favorite cartoons. He wants to play this show sometimes. He cracks me up. He is bugging me right now to stop working on the computer and come play legos with him while watching his favorite show. He really believes that it's my favorite thing to do and my favorite show too! He's grown up so much this past 6 months. He's getting ready to start Kindergarten this coming school year. He doesn't want to. He thinks it's up to him too. He's told me he's not going and he will tell them to leave him alone. This is not going to be fun. lol!

I am working on extractions lately. We're learning how to take product shots in a tent and we have to extract them too. I am doing ok but not with stuffed animals. He gave us an assignment to do one with a stuffed animal. We have to use the channels to extract. I hope to figure it out better. If I can get it figured out I want to make a tutorial showing how we did it. But that won't be until after I understand every bit of it.

Here's the latest one I took a picture of and extracted. I love this little lantern. It is really cute. I didn't have a candle to put inside (sorry). But I wanted to share it with you. I left it at it's size of the picture for you. I hope you like this lantern and I hope you're having a fantastic Thursday!

Sorry, this freebie has expired