Sunday, November 2, 2014

New penguin love template now in my stores

Happy Sunday! Are you ready for your weekend to be over? I hope you have had a great one. This weekend I was all alone part of the time and I enjoyed it. I had to go places but for the most part I did what I really wanted to do most. I turned on the tv and did nothing but design and watch tv. I was able to get quite a few templates done and in my stores. It will end soon. My lil man is hanging with his dad today and everyone else is at their cabin. It will end by 3pm (2 1/2 hours - yes I am counting the seconds I am able to be alone and work) lol!

My newest template is penguin love. This was inspired by watching animal planet. I love that channel. I saw some penguins snuggled up so I wanted to make a template like that. They were so cute! :) I hope you like my new template and I hope you are having a great Sunday!!


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These is my cuddly penguin love template.
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