Friday, February 23, 2018

New Easter Template in Stores

We had a long cold day. It was one of those days that driving 10 miles took about an hour because of the blizzard. But I didn't have a choice to drive. Had to take my lil man to school and home again. Once home we cleaned and did dinner. My lil man is with his dad this weekend so I will have time to clean out his room and get rid of old toys and clothes without him being upset at me.

I made another template today and put it in my stores, DSD and TKO. It's an Easter one. I think I've been a holiday ahead this year. Already have St Patrick's Day out and now I'm on Easter. I guess that's good because I sell my templates for designers to use in their kits. But it's weird because it's like the holiday is over and all of a sudden it's actually here. LOL!

I hope you're warm wherever you live!


You can find this template in my store with DSD here and TKO here

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